Repair Shop

Martin vous accueille au 34 rue plan Fourmiguier
pour toutes réparations de vélo

Here, we repair if we can, then we use second-hand parts, and finally, we buy new !
And yes, sustainable development is everyone's business.
Emmanuel also offers accessories such as locks, baskets and children's equipment.
This workshop also sells used electric and non-electric bicycles (see our offers in the table at the bottom of the page).
Finally, the workshop showcase features a selection of helmets. Virag© hand-painted and unique pieces.

Workshop rates

Our Packages :

Classic bike check-up:
We check several points on the bike and we check the tightening, the position, the steering, the wheels, the braking and the transmission : 35€ TTC

Change of tire and/or inner tube:
Puncture repair : €7 incl. VAT

Brake overhaul (non-hydraulic) :
The overhaul will be consigned when there are several parts to change: brake cable & sheath, brake pad, calipers...: 55€ TTC

Transmission work :
Checking, tightening, changing parts and adjusting front/rear derailleurs, chain, freewheel/cassette, derailleur hanger, shifter/levers, cranksets : €60 incl. VAT

All our prices*
*prices include VAT but exclude parts


  • Classic bike overhaul 35€

  • Electric bike diagnostic package 40€


  • Changing a tire and/or inner tube 7€


  • Transmission labor package 50€


  • Brake overhaul 55€


  • Derailleur adjustment 9€


  • Changing a derailleur or derailleur pulleys   20€


  • Bleeding a hydraulic brake 30€


  • Chain change 15€


  • Changing pedal pairs 9€



  • Changing a derailleur lever 22€

  • Changing a brake lever 19€


  • Headset adjustment 12€

  • Cable and sheath change (brake and gears) 10€

  • Brake adjustment 15€

  • Wheel unveiling 20€

  • Changing wheel spokes 20€

  • Changing 1 pair of brake pads or shoes 10€

  • Changing the seatpost or saddle 9€

  • Changing a wheel (front or rear) 20€