Repair Shop

You are welcome at 34 rue plan Fourmiguier 13007 Marseille
We repair all types of bicycle, electric assisted or not

Our workshop, a true haven for fans of gentle and responsible mobility!
If you're looking for a qualified repair location for your trusty two-wheeled steed – electric or not – you've come to the right place. As passionate as we are meticulous, we are at your disposal to repair your bike, if possible. To do this, we first favor second-hand parts, then new ones if absolutely necessary. In our eyes, driving ecologically should not cost you a penny. This is why we are among the artisans who prioritize sustainable development. We are also happy to offer you accessories that are as practical as they are aesthetic, such as locks, baskets worthy of the name and equipment for children.
And as if that wasn't enough, we also take care to quench your thirst for new cycling adventures. The sale of used bicycles – whether electric or not – is also on the program in our establishment. Don't wait any longer, take a quick look at our eclectic selection – it's worth the detour! Find the opportunity that suits you according to your needs and your budget. Our offers are regularly updated, so take a look!

Workshop rates

Our Packages :

Classic bike check-up:
We check several points on the bike and we check the tightening, the position, the steering, the wheels, the braking and the transmission : 35€ TTC

Change of tire and/or inner tube:
Puncture repair : €7 incl. VAT

Brake overhaul (non-hydraulic) :
The overhaul will be consigned when there are several parts to change: brake cable & sheath, brake pad, calipers...: 55€ TTC

Transmission work :
Checking, tightening, changing parts and adjusting front/rear derailleurs, chain, freewheel/cassette, derailleur hanger, shifter/levers, cranksets : €60 incl. VAT

All our prices*
*prices include VAT but exclude parts


  • Classic bike overhaul 35€

  • Electric bike diagnostic package 40€


  • Changing a tire and/or inner tube 7€


  • Transmission labor package 50€


  • Brake overhaul 55€


  • Derailleur adjustment 9€


  • Changing a derailleur or derailleur pulleys   20€


  • Bleeding a hydraulic brake 30€


  • Chain change 15€


  • Changing pedal pairs 9€



  • Changing a derailleur lever 22€

  • Changing a brake lever 19€


  • Headset adjustment 12€

  • Cable and sheath change (brake and gears) 10€

  • Brake adjustment 15€

  • Wheel unveiling 20€

  • Changing wheel spokes 20€

  • Changing 1 pair of brake pads or shoes 10€

  • Changing the seatpost or saddle 9€

  • Changing a wheel (front or rear) 20€