La Roue Marseillaise

The Marseilles wheel is a complementary local currency. It is currently only exchanged locally in 3 départements: 13, 84 and 05.
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What's the advantage of a local currency?
A double effect: firstly, any € changed into R° is deposited in an ethical bank: NEF (link to nef) in a guarantee fund. This bank finances projects with a high ethical and responsible value. Every euro exchanged is thus well placed to guarantee virtuous loans. The Wheels thus obtained are then used to purchase goods and services from committed professionals who can only spend them with local suppliers. This encourages local production and short supply chains. A local currency cannot be deposited in a bank; it has to circulate. And money in circulation generates GDP.

How does La Roue Marseillaise work?
To obtain Roues, you need to become a member of the association, then exchange Euros for Roues at an exchange counter, or load your Roue Numérique application.

I'm only coming to Marseille for one day, so how can I help support local production?
It's hard to imagine joining an association, finding an exchange counter, exchanging money and spending it at scattered merchants when I only have a little time... We propose to do it for you: You order services from us, subscribe to the R° conversion option, and we commit to converting your entire purchase into R°. This gives you the guarantee that your money, spent here, will stay here, and produce real, local, sustainable, short-circuit value. It can't be banked, and it can't leave your vacation destination.

R° conversion option:
By subscribing to this option, we commit to converting your entire purchase on our site into R°. In this way, you contribute to territorial resilience, support small local producers and promote short distribution channels.

I'm on vacation in Marseille, can I exchange money for R°?
You'll need to become a member of the Roue Marseillaise, but the temporary nature of your presence entitles you to a reduced membership fee. Once you're a member, you can exchange € into R° (1€=1R°) at an exchange counter or with us.

What form does R° take?
There are paper R° in the form of paper ticket coupons, and a digital R° application that allows you to pay another R° member free of charge.